Recently, NewWayExplorer went to Marina Beach and visited the famous Sundari Akka Kadai. Sundari Akka is a 50 year old woman who started a small eatery and serving the food for more than 10 years now in Chennai. Now, the seafood shop owned by her in the Marina Beach is the talk of the town which is named as Sundari Akka Kadai. The shop has become popular in online as well as offline media in the recent days where the customers started posting about the shop.

Many of my friends also suggested about the shop. Hence, I planned to visit the Sundari Akka Kadai located in the Marina Beach, Chennai along with my friend TamilSelvan. We have visited the shop during Sunday afternoon. Sundari Akka was always busy in serving the food to the customers, monitoring the fries, and food. Here is my experience on the Food.

Sundari Akka Kadai FoodHow To Reach Sundari Akka Kadai at Marina Beach:

The shop is marked on Google Maps, so you can easily locate and see the directions on the Map. Search for Sundari Akka Kadai in Google Maps and you can get the directions.

Map Link

Sundari Akka Kadai MapWhat Type of Foods Available:

You can get most of the Non-Veg items [mostly sea food] and also a veg meals. You can get Rice & Curry [Non-Veg and Veg], Curry Fish, Fried Fish, Prawn, Mutton Thala Kari, Crab, Egg and also combos like Rice with Prawn, Rice With Mutton Thala Kari and Rice with Crab.

Below is the menu list board located in the shop.

Sundari Akka Kadai MenuTimings and Order System:

The shop will be open from afternoon to early night [approxiametly 9 PM]. Due to the massive crowd, there will be a token system, where the customers were given a token with a number so that the customers can come in a queue and get the food. If you get only fried fish or prawn fry or other seafood fries, you can get it directly by showing the token on the fry section. But, if you have ordered anything along with Rice, then you have to stand in a queue to get the rice. We have reached the place at 12:45 PM on Sunday and we got the token number as 42. We have waited for around 20 to 25 minutes to get the food. 12:15 to 12:30 PM will be the good time to visit the shop on Sunday.

The peak hours will be 12 PM to 4 PM in the afternoon and 7 PM to 9 PM in the evening. The below image was taken around 01:15 PM IST on Sunday. See the crowd surrounding the shop.

Sundari Akka Kadai Crowd

If you want to know whether the shop is available on any particular day, then you can call them [+91 9176435344] and confirm the availability before you go.


We had Rice with Fish, Prawn fry and Fried Fish, which costed Rs.450. The Rice comes with Fish Kuzhambu [gravy] and One Fish. Also, we had the Vanjaram Fish Fry and Prawn Fry as side dishes.

Below is the price of what we had during the visit.

Rice with Fish Single Plate- Rs.150
Single Prawn Fry – Rs.100
Single Fried Fish [Vanjaram] – Rs.200

Sundari Akka Kadai FoodSundari Akka Kadai Food 2Sundari Akka Kadai Fry SectionFood Review:

The rice is normal, but the side dishes like Vanjaram Fish Fry and Prawn Fry were too good in taste. I would suggest having a plain rice along with sidedishes like Prawn Fry or Fried Fish or crab. Overall, it is a small eatery where you can get the varieties of seafood with good taste in a decent pricing. If you like street food style and sea food, then it is worth visiting a time when you had a chance to visit Marina Beach. The approximate price for two persons will costs up to Rs.400 to Rs.500.

Taste the food at Sundari Akka Kadai and share your views in the comments section.

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