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How To Use Google Maps Efficiently While Travelling

While travelling to a new place, we always explore favourite spots and attractions. While travelling we use the maps for reaching the destinations in the right path. Maps will always be a great utility while travelling to unexplored places. Decades ago we used to carry a physical map with us, but days have gone and we are having the complete maps with amazing features in our smartphones itself and too completely for free. Thanks to emerging technology.

Being a Nomad and a frequent traveller, we always want to explore new places, attractions, and routes. Many times we stuck for the right path especially while travelling in bikes and cars. At the time, Maps will guide us with the help of GPS. But the maps will work fine with the data, which is required to load the new destinations. But what can we do at the places where no network connectivity? Here I have shared an efficient way to use Google Maps while travelling which I used to follow during my travel to the new place.

Google Maps comes to first place in my favourite navigation app. This is the default navigation app for my daily use. It has a feature called Offline Maps which allows you to download the Map of a particular area. Make use of this feature while exploring the new places. Check out the step by step guide on how to make use of this feature.

How To Use Google Maps Efficiently While Travelling:

Step 1: Download Google Maps in your smartphone if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Open the Maps App and tap on the gear icon which is on the left corner of the search bar inside maps. It will display the list of options available in the app. Here you will have an option called Offline maps. Tap on that option.

Step 3: In the Offline maps page it has the option called SELECT YOUR OWN MAP. Just tap on it and it will take you to the Maps page.

Step 4: Now locate the area or place which you want to download for offline access by pinch, zoom, and drag. A blue rectangle will be the selected area. Once selected it displays the size of the map you are going to download. Make sure you have enough space to download the map.

Step 5: Once selected tap on the Download button. It will start downloading the selected area. Once downloaded it will be available in the Offline maps section and you can access it even when there is no network connectivity in that particular area.

You can navigate between places, search for places within that download map. Please note that the offline map will expire in 30 days approximately until it is updated. So, you can go ahead and download the offline map before starting your travel to the new destination.

Hope this will be helpful on your next travel. Feel free to comment on your views and doubts if any.


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